Davidstow Parish Council

Serving the people of Davidstow

Clerk: TBA
Treworra Barton, Davidstow
Cornwall PL329XY

Tel: 07859 419519



The Parish of Davidstow is located on the road from Launceston to Camelford and Wadebridge. It is made up of rolling farm land, with St Kitts hill on the western side of the parish standing 985 feet above sea level. The rivers Camel and Inny arise here. Davidstow Moor, a prominent feature of the Parish, is a managed agricultural common where commoners graze sheep, cattle and ponies. Davidstow Moor is a protected area designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It also has Special Areas of Conservation that are strictly protected under EU habitat directives. Davidstow Moor has a substantial wildlife interest and sits within the Bodmin Moor Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Davidstow is also home to Dairy Crest, the largest cheese factory in Europe and the largest employer in the area.

The Parish Council is an elected, unpaid body and consists of a Chairman and 6 further councillors.

The cost of expenses undertaken by the Parish Council come from the Precept which comes from Cornwall County Council - which is raised through the Council Tax.

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