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Over the past 18 months, a priority for the Parish Council has been to address residents' concerns about odour, noise and light pollution from Dairy Crest's Creamery and associated treatment plant.

After initial local discussions with site management, the Parish Council formally wrote to the Chief Executive of Dairy Crest demanding that Dairy Crest resolve the long-standing pollution and detrimental impact on local residents. The Parish Council has received invaluable support from the Environment Agency who, in April 2017, issued Dairy Crest with a formal Enforcement Notice, requiring Dairy Crest to take steps to resolve the issues. Representatives from the Parish Council continued to have a number of subsequent meetings with Dairy Crest over the following months.

In September 2017, Dairy Crest hosted a public meeting at the Creamery to update residents about the plans that they had developed to address the issues. Actions committed to amounted to a substantial capital investment programme, including covering two of the treatment tanks, installing new and quiet aerators and other measures to reduce light and noise.

The main works were started in December but weren't concluded until February as a result of Davidstow's wet and windy winter.

The Parish Council will continue to work with Dairy Crest to monitor the effectiveness of the improvements that have been made.

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Environment Agency Update - September 2018